Full CRPD Compliance on the Inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities


 TCI Asia Pacific (TCI AP) is launching a social media campaign in partnership with dozens of individuals and organizations worldwide, to have the voices of persons with psychosocial disabilities amplified during the International Mental Health Week, 2018  and to ensure that there is full and effective participation in communities that are inclusive.

The campaign will be run from 1st October – 30th November 2018. You can follow the campaign here


The last few years have seen a welcome development in the form of reports/comments/statements that have been issued by different international agencies/mechanisms and UN Bodies which support moves to realize all human rights under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) for persons with psychosocial disabilities. This is supported by far reaching policy changes worldwide, on enabling full CRPD compliance.

However, through the upcoming World Mental Health Week, this favourable trend is set for a huge setback. Around the World Mental Health Week of 2018, the UK Government, the WHO, along with several enabling agencies, are set to conduct the “Global Mental Health Ministerial Summit” in London. In blatant disregard of the principle of inclusion that is enshrined in the CRPD, this summit is being designed and conducted without any transparency or participation of persons with psychosocial disabilities and users and survivors of psychiatry.  According to the website, a Lancet paper is also promised to be released at this time, which has aroused the ire of the movement of persons with psychosocial disabilities, their supporters and their allies, worldwide; but especially in the Low and Middle Income Countries, where such moves are predicted to have maximum impact.

In a deliberate response to these complex new developments worldwide, a “Bali Declaration” was issued by TCI Asia Pacific in August, 2018, affirming once again a call to CRPD commitment and reframing mental health in the direction of Inclusion.  The “North driving the South” phenomenon has evoked strong counter response from TCI AP and allied organizations (from Africa and Latin America); especially when experience has shown us that the western model of psychiatry, based on coercion and offering little more than medication, is a failure.  Further, the World Mental Health Week is considered by TCI AP to be, a space most appropriately held by users and survivors of psychiatry, persons with psychosocial disabilities, “mad” people and those with other identities thereof.

This summit comes at the back of concerning developments that have led to the watering down of CRPD principles by the GMH movement by setting a counter strain of CRPD interpretation, especially on Articles 12, 14 and 19. This has been supported by a whole publishing industry, backed by an endless stream of RCTs and EBMs in open access journals, that has been aggressively messaging for filling the treatment gap at the cost of the rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities to inclusion. This is despite the criticism from the medical professionals, psychiatrists, sociologists, psychologists, and a variety of other stakeholders worldwide, including TCI AP, that treatment leads to exclusion.  In doing so, the GMH has overwritten member states’ commitments to CRPD compliance.

Join us in this campaign as we highlight our voices in the face of this summit that seeks to erase our voices!


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