Editor’s Note: We were contacted by Lorna Hogg from the UK who is looking for this information from voice hearing people, from all over the world. Do consider taking part!

VIPS: Voice hearers’ Identity: Personal and Social
If you hear voices please consider taking part in this study.

I’m keen to hear about your experiences, whether you find them distressing or not and whether you’ve sought professional help or not. Hearing voices is often looked at as something purely medical, an ‘illness’, and support for people has focussed on what individuals themselves need to do to change, or ‘get better’.

With my research I hope to develop understanding of hearing voices as a deeply personal but also social experience. I’m really keen to hear how hearing voices fits with your sense of who you are as a person and also how it shapes your relationships, including how helpful you find it to get on with other people who also hear voices and what makes it easier to form these relationships.

Please share your experiences by taking part in the study and help contribute to a better understanding of hearing voices. I’m aiming for 100 participants so anyone who can spare 20 minutes would be a huge help!

The study is at https://psychiatryoxford.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cFIs5J9kkTMFoiN.
You can find more information about me and the study at https://voicehearersidentity.wordpress.com/.