Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Extreme unwanted energy blasting through the skin,
heart the epicentre where all destruction unfolds,
hands trembling, mind unsettled,
eyes wandering in search of comfort.

Cheeks flushed red like freshly plucked cherries,
everything, everyone a source of danger,
pricking you like the needle pricked Sleeping Beauty.

You try to find solitude,
to conserve and savour the next few minutes,
before like a hurricane, they blast through the alley.
The judgments they make, the questions they ask:
“They are only concerned, my dear.”

Only if they understood:
it isn’t like a headache that goes away,
but a broken plate
that you’ll fix
only to break again.

Sanya, a 17-year-old teenager living in India has always adored the colour yellow. A few years back she started dealing with anxiety, one of the most difficult parts of the journey was having anxiety attacks during school hours. This was something which was and still is frowned upon or made fun of by plenty of kids. Thankfully, she had the right kind of support, which pushed her to channelise her anxiety into something positive. Ever since she has been writing spoken word poetry as a medium to express herself. She has also started an Instagram page, @safe.hub, in an effort to create a safe place to discuss contemporary ideas and issues.