Artwork of a person holding their face in their hands, with their head slightly tilted to the right. The face has a landscape painted on it, with the sky, rocky mountains and flowers in the backdrop of the image.
Artwork by Alexandra Levasseur (

sometimes the world is made
of broken shards
of kisses and screams
by dark, dusty roads
of moon-less winds
that swoop you up
and make you feel

existence is a good feeling,
not the epitome
of limitless wrath
over sparks
and make-believe identities.

the geo-plane of the world
is round, not square —
round like connected infinities
and apples.

apples that turn into yellow mush
if you leave them to rot —
just like scapes of minds
when not correctly aligned
with the insides
and outsides
of the world.

Manogni is a passionate believer in the intersection between art and activism and is the editor and co-founder of Esthesia Magazine, an online magazine aimed at creatives especially across India. She loves reading, listening to Frank Ocean and learning various aspects of being engaged in public policy and discourse especially through a feminist lens. She also is an advocate for Mental Health awareness as it is a crucial part of how she navigates her own life and the world we live in today.