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The Gods Call Elias Home

Photo showing a group of people dwarfed within a high-ceilinged, pillared portico of an Indian monument in the Islamic style
Elias had swapped his wild dreams for a box of pills. He told me so when we were crouched on the pavement outside the Police Headquarters in Delhi, beside the makeshift coal fire the imams had left. There had been another...

A Poem Explodes

Abstract expressionist painting on a square canvas in which large areas of cool marine colours are divided with contoured lines to create shapes that suggest distorted figures. An elegant looping line suggests a figure reclining before a window or a door.
A tribute to poetry and mind

The Public Prescription Series by Sonaksha Iyengar | (Part I)

In the coming weeks, Mad in Asia Pacific will be running a Public Prescription series showcasing Sonaksha's important and timely work around highlighting the impact that people's unsolicited and uniformed advice can have on a person already having mental health issues.

Clothes: A Poem

Photographic artwork of woman in red saree gazing out at water with the saree partly undone; glare in the background obscures her face
Poet's note: The poem is about someone I knew who had dementia. Dementia is not only about memory loss and cognition, there are a host of behavioural issues too. One of the things that someone who has dementia does often is looking/searching/...

The Stain

Dark semi-abstract mostly monochrome photograph that seems to show water against cracked rock with a blood red streak along the edge where they meet
Memories, experiences and ideas of womanhood juxtaposed with taboos and society's ideas of madness.

Anxiety: A Poem

Extreme unwanted energy blasting through the skin,heart the epicentre where all destruction unfolds,hands trembling, mind unsettled,eyes wandering in search of comfort. Cheeks flushed red like freshly plucked cherries,everything, everyone a source of danger,pricking you like the needle pricked Sleeping...

Psychiatric Overdose: A Poem

Photo of a beam of light falling across several translucent capsules, some clear, some yellow, on a black surface.
Earning a fast buck inThese vulnerable times… Psychoanalysis gives way toA faster remedial approach — Curative doses initiating chemicalReactions within. With upheavalsLeft to heal by time alone, Caregivers prescribe drugsThat...

Art in a Pandemic: Journeying Towards Self Acceptance Through Art

Editors' note: Painting, for many of us, offers both a mode of expression beyond words, as well as a practice and process that can be deeply healing, meditative and meaningful in its very act. The same can be said of the act...

Property of the Eye

Photograph of a closed wooden door of a house, facing the street, overhung with dense bougainvillea with pink flowers.
This is a time of knowing too much...

world: a poem

Artwork of a person holding their face in their hands, with their head slightly tilted to the right. The face has a landscape painted on it, with the sky, rocky mountains and flowers in the backdrop of the image.
sometimes the world is madeof broken shards of kisses and screamsby dark, dusty roads of moon-less winds that swoop you up and make you feel non-existent.existence is a good feeling,not the epitome of limitless wrathover sparks and make-believe identities.