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Psychiatric Overdose: A Poem

Photo of a beam of light falling across several translucent capsules, some clear, some yellow, on a black surface.
Earning a fast buck inThese vulnerable times… Psychoanalysis gives way toA faster remedial approach — Curative doses initiating chemicalReactions within. With upheavalsLeft to heal by time alone, Caregivers prescribe drugsThat...

Mercy Is A Poem

Poet's note: ਸਤਿਨਾਮੁ ਕਰਤਾ ਪੁਰਖੁ ਨਿਰਭਉ ਨਿਰਵੈਰੁ ਅਕਾਲ ਮੂਰਤਿ ਅਜੂਨੀ ਸੈਭੰ ਗੁਰਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ ॥ ਜਪੁ ॥ ਆਦਿਸਚੁ ਜੁਗਾਦਿਸਚੁ ਹੈਭੀਸਚੁ ਨਾਨਕ ਹੋਸੀਭੀਸਚੁ॥੧॥Ik Onkar Satnam Karta Purakh Nirbhao Nirvair Akaal Moorat Ajooni Saibhang Gurprasad ॥ Jap ॥ Aadh sach Jugaadh sach Hai bhee sach Nanak...

Sophie Cheung: Transforming Worlds through Art & Writing

When Sophie was 13, she started hearing voices and received a diagnosis of having “schizophrenia”. This was around the same time that the British handed over Hong Kong to China after 150 years of rule. It was not a moment of celebration. Given the...

A Poem Explodes

Abstract expressionist painting on a square canvas in which large areas of cool marine colours are divided with contoured lines to create shapes that suggest distorted figures. An elegant looping line suggests a figure reclining before a window or a door.
A tribute to poetry and mind

Under: A Poem

Abstract artwork with golden, yellow, blue shades.
I try to meet you on even groundbut somehow always get lost.Around me are ruins of a silenceit’s difficult to clamber out of. Theynever said fishbones swallowedat nine would remain stuck in mythroat like razor blades in sandeven after forty. I pack...

Art in a Pandemic: Journeying Towards Self Acceptance Through Art

Editors' note: Painting, for many of us, offers both a mode of expression beyond words, as well as a practice and process that can be deeply healing, meditative and meaningful in its very act. The same can be said of the act...

The Gods Call Elias Home

Photo showing a group of people dwarfed within a high-ceilinged, pillared portico of an Indian monument in the Islamic style
Elias had swapped his wild dreams for a box of pills. He told me so when we were crouched on the pavement outside the Police Headquarters in Delhi, beside the makeshift coal fire the imams had left. There had been another...

The Stain

Dark semi-abstract mostly monochrome photograph that seems to show water against cracked rock with a blood red streak along the edge where they meet
Memories, experiences and ideas of womanhood juxtaposed with taboos and society's ideas of madness.

You Swipe Right

There is no woman who looks like you on Bumble. All the women on Bumble have eyelashes, you convince yourself. You can't see profiles of women because you have opted to see only male profiles, but you know it! You know...

The Public Prescription Series by Sonaksha Iyengar | (Part-II)

This is Part 2 of the Public Prescription Series, containing illustrations and typography by Sonaksha Iyengar, in which she looks at the advice that persons who exhibit emotional and/or mental distress are often subject to.