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A brown-skinned, long-haired person sits on their bed, reading a book. They sit under a thicker pink and white comforter, followed by a blue sheet, on a mattress that is light blue. Their pillow (pink, similar to the quilt), is on the floor, next to a mug of coffee. A magazine is under the bed, peeking out. Behind them is a tall lamp with a red lampshade, against yellow walls. The sky outside appears through their window, a dark blue with stars.

Skin Stories: Essays on Sexuality, Disability and Gender: A Book Review

In the first sentence that introduces this thoughtful compilation of essays, editor Shreya Ila Anasuya notes, "Stories make up the fabric...
Picture of a brown analog clock taken from above, with a person sitting in the centre of the clock working on a laptop.

Queering Temporality and Productivity: A Post-Pandemic Projection

The loss of familiar routines and conventional temporalities is a pertinent phenomenon that marks the experienced reality of a COVID-19 world....
Oil painting from the early 19th century, showing a dark space crowded with many naked persons lit by a solitary high barred window, depicting a lunatic asylum

Remembering the Erwadi Holocaust: A Webinar

Trigger Warning: Brief description of graphic violence The 2001 Erwadi fire incident was commemorated this Thursday, the 6th...
Nidhi's picture while speaking into a mic, with a banner of Rising Flame in the backgroun.

Comedy, Activism, Disability and Mental Health: In Conversation with Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi Goyal is a Mumbai-based disability rights activist and stand-up comedian. She is the founder and director of an NGO called Rising...