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Monochrome photographic portrait of a woman distorted and blurred in horizontal streaks

Madness and Agency

A friend clicked a photograph of us on her new Polaroid camera -- something to remember our times as she left...
Dark semi-abstract mostly monochrome photograph that seems to show water against cracked rock with a blood red streak along the edge where they meet

The Stain

Memories, experiences and ideas of womanhood juxtaposed with taboos and society's ideas of madness.
Person using magnifying glass enlarging the appearance of their nose and sunglasses

Searching for the Person in the Patient

"We had a TBI (traumatic brain injury) today in the morning and an F20 (ICD code for paranoid schizophrenia) in the noon."
Photo showing a group of people dwarfed within a high-ceilinged, pillared portico of an Indian monument in the Islamic style

The Gods Call Elias Home

Elias had swapped his wild dreams for a box of pills. He told me so when we were crouched on the...

與「台灣失序者聯盟」對話 – 下集

本系列為Mad in Asia Pacific與台灣失序者聯盟(失序盟)成員的對話,失序盟成員從失序者/瘋人/酷兒的位置出發,探索台灣精神失序相關議題。本系列內容於Mad in Asia Pacific分為上、下集發表,並另有刊載英文版。 台灣失序者聯盟成員暨作者 王修梧 郝天行

Queerness and Madness in Taiwan: In Conversation with Taiwan Mad Alliance...

In this two-part series, Mad in Asia Pacific is in conversation with the members of Taiwan Mad Alliance, namely Shu Shu, Tien-Hsing...