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Person using magnifying glass enlarging the appearance of their nose and sunglasses

Searching for the Person in the Patient

"We had a TBI (traumatic brain injury) today in the morning and an F20 (ICD code for paranoid schizophrenia) in the noon."
Photo showing a group of people dwarfed within a high-ceilinged, pillared portico of an Indian monument in the Islamic style

The Gods Call Elias Home

Elias had swapped his wild dreams for a box of pills. He told me so when we were crouched on the...

與「台灣失序者聯盟」對話 – 下集

本系列為Mad in Asia Pacific與台灣失序者聯盟(失序盟)成員的對話,失序盟成員從失序者/瘋人/酷兒的位置出發,探索台灣精神失序相關議題。本系列內容於Mad in Asia Pacific分為上、下集發表,並另有刊載英文版。 台灣失序者聯盟成員暨作者 王修梧 郝天行

Queerness and Madness in Taiwan: In Conversation with Taiwan Mad Alliance...

In this two-part series, Mad in Asia Pacific is in conversation with the members of Taiwan Mad Alliance, namely Shu Shu, Tien-Hsing...