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Person using magnifying glass enlarging the appearance of their nose and sunglasses

Searching for the Person in the Patient

"We had a TBI (traumatic brain injury) today in the morning and an F20 (ICD code for paranoid schizophrenia) in the noon."
Colourful patchwork illustration with the title 'Jugaad' on top, portraits of four young people and a dog, standing over the patchwork quilt with patches that say 'Laughter', 'Resilience', 'Care' and 'Love'.

Young People’s Mental Health, Lived Experience and Alternate Knowledge

Adishi Gupta of Mad in Asia Pacific in conversation with the 'Jugaad' book team At the Weaving Our...

Children are Experts of Their Own Lives– Let’s Listen!

This essay is the first in a three-part series on approaches and strategies in making schools safer through the varied applications of...