Unveiling TCI Asia Pacific’s Yearly Global Campaign #WhatWeNeed 2020

TCI-Asia Pacific is an organisation of users and survivors of psychiatry, persons with mad identities, identity diversities and psychosocial disabilities from the Asia Pacific regions.

TCI runs a global social media campaign every year called #WhatWENeed, which provides an advocacy platform for the expression of voices from the margins, during the World Mental Health Week.

The campaign runs from 1st October to 10th December, ending with the International Human Rights Day.

The year 2020 has seen unprecedented events on a global scale, including COVID 19, political upheavals and climate change. Psychosocial health and wellbeing is heard everywhere as a priority that needs to be addressed. The world did not prepare for this priority;

And we are seeing more human rights violations, prejudice, discrimination and exclusion at this time, especially among those living inside various kinds of closed-door institutions and those seeking care from the colonial, western type mental health care.

The campaign brings forward worldviews and stories of oppression by psychiatry, especially as they play out in the global south and in the commonwealth nations; human rights perspectives and mental health practices in inclusion; CRPD inspired writings; and movement(s) news from around the world.

Other than the regular blog pieces, photo stories, videos etc. the 2020 #WhatWENeed Campaign is pegged around 3 programmatic activities:

  1. CRPD REFRESH WEBINARS:Remembering the history and thelegacy of the Convention
  2. SPOTLIGHT ON MOVEMENT ACTORS AND MEMBERS:To highlight the fact that everybody is doing their bit in the movement, and not just the leaders
    With a focus on what comes after
Join the Campaign

For further inquiries and to join the campaign, you can connect with us at [email protected]. You could also send us your submissions directly to this email address.

Find us on Facebook or Twitter and send us your contributions there.

All contributions to the campaign will be featured and archived at

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